Friday, March 7, 2014

What Matters Most

This picture made me laugh. But is also encapsulates what has been on my mind and heart as of late: What matters most.

It's easy to take something that has the appearance of great importance, and attach a deep meaning to it. Like this picture. It appears to be important. It has lovely font and a picture of a tree. It is aesthetically appealing, and yet, when you really look at it, it's not that important at all.

In life, it can be easy to get distracted by the things that seem to matter--especially when people that seem to be important tell you it matters.

The tough part is that it's often difficult for our priorities and purposes to share the spotlight. So, we put them in order, even without knowing it, from highest to lowest. And sometimes what we think matters most, what 'appears' to matter most, doesn't actually matter that much at all in the eternal scheme of things.

That moment we realize what we thought matters most actually doesn't can be terrifying. We recognize the time stolen from other more important purposes. We see the wasted stress and angst over something that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. We see the negativity it brought, and the shadow we allowed it to cast on our good intentions and joy.

Yet, it is also liberating. You realize you are free from trying to pursue that which does not matter most. You bask in the joy of seeing your priorities clearly. You feel a sense of peace and purpose that transcends what the world--even in their best intentions--tells you what is most important. Your soul, mind, and purpose are calibrated to God's. And you feel a peace settle that only comes when your priorities are correct, when your focus is true.

I've written this blog for years. I've shared the message that God is here, that He loves us. He sees us for who we really are and thinks we are amazing. I have loved the time spent learning and pondering about Him, and sharing those things with thousands of women. I have written a book about His perspective and the power and confidence we can gain as we see ourselves, trials, life, and even Him through His eyes. This message has inspired and uplifted me in the most difficult times. 

And I have felt, more than once, that getting to know God and trusting Him is what matters most. 

It's more important than money or book sales. More important than labels or promotions, fashion or prestige. It's more important than fame or medals, your reputation or situation. More important than a clean house, a slim figure, a new purse, a new job, or any earthly success.

There is nothing in this life that is matters more than your relationship with God and your willingness to trust Him and follow Him.  Nothing.

Those other things are, or can feel, important. But they don't define us. They don't define me. 

What matters most to me is that I live the life the He would have me live, with Him by my side. It may very well include all the things I listed above--but they are merely a bi-product of living His will, if He wants them to be. They are not the prize. He is.

It's easy to get distracted by the things that seem to matter most. Especially if people who seem important are telling you what those things are. And sometimes I believe them. 

But today I don't.

Today, I know what matters most. And today, I feel refocused. I feel peace. I feel joy.

I feel Him. I know Him. I know what He wants me to do. And I plan on doing it.

And that's what matter's most.


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