Allegorically Me

The definition of an allegory is the representation of ideas or principles hidden by characters, figures, events, etc.  It means we there is more to something than appears.

The scriptures say that "all things denote there is a God."  I see it every day.  That is what life's about: finding Him in everything from a blade of grass, a stop light, a doctors office, in the scriptures and so on. 

I love to see and write about how God works.  He communicates to us in ways we can understand, if we are willing to see and to hear. This blog is about the way He teaches me, the way I see life for what it appears to be - and what it really is.  If you try, you can find deeper meaning, eternal principles, and spiritual truths in some of the most basic and mundane facets of life. If you look through His eyes you will find Him. 

Not everything I write is allegorical.  But, I am in love with the idea that there is so much more my life that just what I can see.  One of my favorite sayings is that we aren't human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I enjoy writing, but I also love to teach, especially when I am speaking about the gospel and eternal principles. Teaching and speaking to people is my first love.

The most important thing in my life is my testimony of God and His plan.  I am also passionate about my marriage, my kids, my church, my community, and my friends.  I am a forever student.  I love to learn about the Plan of Salvation and the world around me.  I love writing, teaching, playing Guitar Hero, crocheting, watching a good movie, and having fun. 

It's important to me to be happy in the moment, while striving to be more.  I am a firm believer that I am in complete control of my character and who I become.  I know that when I go to meet  my Savior, it will be me - alone -  that will stand before Him. He won't care how much money I've made, if I were famous, if my clothes were always ironed, or if I was size 8.  He'll want to know what good I did, how hard I tried to know Him, and who I allowed myself become.

So, everyday I try to see the meaning in things. I try to strengthen my knowledge and testimony of God and my Savior.  I try to mold my will to God's (which is a very sloppy and repentance-filled process!)  And I try to be who He intended me to be. I am a work in progress, for sure.  But, I am progressing!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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