Monday, September 16, 2013

The Power of Sometimes

I registered for my first writer's conference February of this year. I was so excited! I also signed up for my first pitch session. I wanted my pitch to be perfect. So I did some research, a lot of research.

Then I got scared. What if I crash and burn? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I forget what my book is about and simply drool and stutter? What if I (gulp) get rejected?

All of these were major concerns of mine, so I turned to the internet for some relief.

I found some great hints and tips for the perfect pitch session, which I posted here. But I also found some really depressing statistics out there.

Most pitch sessions end in rejections, either on the spot, or after they receive (and maybe read) your work they requested.

"You'll never get a book deal through a pitch session,"  read many a writer's online lament, "but it's great for networking and practice."

"I've never picked up a book from a pitch session," wrote one agent, "but I continue to do them because someday I hope to."

I felt empowered by the tips and suggestions, but dejected still the same. Why would I pay $20 to get rejected? Didn't I get enough of that in high school? (Thank Kevin.)

But, I did it anyway. Even though the statistics were against me and I'd probably lose $20.

So, if pitch session hardly ever work, why even waste the money?

Because, sometimes they do work.

And I live for the sometimes.

'Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?' was pitched at that pitch session. My very first pitch session. At my very first writer's conference. 

I don't think I'm anything special- but the stars aligned just the right way. It was the right book pitched to the right person at the right time. I don't know how it happened, but it did. Like magic.

I've had more pitch sessions since then for another book of mine, and so far each one has ended in a polite rejection. And I know that I will have many more end that way, too.  But, I'll keep pitching, and writing, and pitching, though they hardly ever work because....sometimes they do. 

So, if you're about to throw out the pitch sessions, don't.

Keep pitching, and writing, and pitching. Because sometimes it does. One of these days your book will the right one pitched to the right person at the right time - and it will work. Like Magic.

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