Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do As I'm Doing

There is a song that the children in my church learn. It's sung on Sundays to help get their wiggles out.  It's called, "Do As I'm Doing."  The song leader stands in front of the class and does a motion, like rolling hands, clapping or marching and sings the song.  The children stand up and sing with the music leader and mimics what she does as she sings:

Do as I'm doing, follow follow me,
Do as I'm doing, follow follow me.

I can do it high or low,
I can do it fast or slow,

Do as I'm doing, follow follow me,
Do as I'm doing, follow follow me.

It gets really fun, especially when we let the kids choose the action.

I am amazed at how eager the children are to follow someone else's example.  They love this song.

Today in my class (I teach the 5 and 6 year olds) we had a visitor, Jack, a 4-year-old cousin of one of the children. He sat next to another boy, we'll call him Ben, who is 6 six years old.  

Ben is pretty active, and completely hilarious.  Jack watched Ben as much as he watched me.  When Jack's attention was on me, he mimicked how I sat, and sat reverently as I taught about accountability and making good choices. But, when he focused his attention on Ben, he mimicked Ben's behavior, making faces and giggling and so on. (I had to give them both a few warnings, lol.)  The moment, though, that Jack turned his attention back to me, he again sat very still and was reverent.

What we focus our attention has a powerful influence on how we behave ourselves.  When we are focused on ourselves and our personal desires, are we more prone to act selfish and not give as freely to those around us?  When we are focused on our careers, does that change how much time we spend with our family?  If we are too focused the women (and men) we see on in the media, do we become more concerned with our appearance and less than on our substance?

What, or who, are you following?  What, or who, has your attention? What, or who, do you act like?

If you are doing things, or thinking things, that you do not like, or are damaging, it's easy to change.  Look to the perfect example of joy and peace: The Savior.  Do as He is doing, follow, follow Him.  Follow his example of kindness and love, service and charity.  Follow his gospel and his commandments.  Mimic his behavior as he teaches the gospel, prays, is baptized, and follows the will of Heavenly Father. 

When Jack followed me, he was calm and he learned.  When he followed Ben, he was having fun, but he wasn't learning.  When we follow the Savior, we will find peace and we will learn. When we choose to follow other things, we night be having fun, but we will not learn...and we might even get in trouble.

So, do a self-check: Who or what are you following.  If it's not the Savior, turn your attention, your head and your heart to Him.  Do as He is doing, follow, follow Him.


And just for the record- Ben is not a bad kid! (Don't worry Steph!)  He is just very happy and animated :)

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