Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did it Get Into You?

I have another blog, a daily scripture reading blog, where I read a chapter and share my thoughts, welcoming the thoughts and comments of others. At the end of each post I usually write, "What did you get out of this chapter today?"

It's a common term: "What did you get out of it?" You have probably said it yourself.  But, today at church we had a speaker, a young man, that added a bit more to it.

He asked not only what we "got out of" the gospel and scriptures, but what part "got into" our hearts.

That make a connection within me.  I have always imagined "getting something" out of life- but how much of what I've gotten out of it has gotten into me.

I thought of orange juice.  You can squeeze an orange and get juice.  One might ask, "How much have you gotten out of if?"  and get an answer from a teaspoon to a full cup.  But, if you don't drink the juice, if you don't let it get into you, the effort is in vain. You benefit somewhat from the effort, but you do not receive any nourishment.

We can go through the motions of obedience, faith, reading scriptures and even praying.  We might think we are getting something out of those things.  But, how much of those things getting into us? Are any of those things changing our character, our heart, our soul? Does partaking of any of those things make us better, more full people?

It caused me to take a break and look at my life and my decisions, to look at what I believe in, how I worship and how I act.  I know what I get out of it, but how much of it is getting into me?

I'm pleased to say the answer is: a lot.  But, I am the first to admit that I could do better, open myself up more so that more gets into me, changes me.  So, that's my goal: to not only look at my faith, my family, my life and not only ask, "What do I get out of these things?" but to also ask myself, "What from these things is getting into me."

So, tell me, what did you get out of this post? Did some of this post get into you?

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  1. Hello! You speak my language...I hesitate when reading blogs because they can be so damaging but not yours.