Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ode to My Exercise Ball

In light of the New Year's resolutions that will be made across the world, I share my own Ode to My Exercise Ball.

Ode to My Exercise Ball

Shiny and round,
its spherical luster invites me.
I hesitate.

Soft and curved.
In this way
we are similar.

Memories of times past
fill the space
between us.

Good intentions
smothered by countless excuses.
Still it sat,

untouched for days,
while I grew
and changed.

But no more.

It is cold.
My hand recoils.
No, I must be strong.

Today is the day.
A resolution has been made.
A goal has been set.

Today I begin anew.
I steady the ball
and sit.

Deeply I breathe
and begin to count,
one, two, three.

Forgotten feelings reborn
of pain and perseverance.
Weak core wakes and shakes.

I heave and I breathe.
I crunch and I grunt
and wipe the sweat off my brow.

To fifty I count.
It is finished
and I rejoice.

Shiny and round,
once again nestled in the corner.
I celebrate.

Until tomorrow,
My shiny and round,
cursed exercise ball.

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