Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Do I Love It?

I have this weird thing--I love to teach. Not math or science--but eternal spiritual truths. And the bigger the crowd, the better. Public speaking has been heralded as the number one fear among people, so I'm not surprised when people come and ask me (and many do) why I love it.

I've given many answers over the years: I love to see the light of understanding in the eyes of those I teach. I love the Spirit I feel when I teach about eternal truths. I love the feeling of saying something I hadn't planned on, but felt impressed to, only to have someone come and say that that particular thing was just what they needed to hear. I love using the talents that God gave me for His purposes. I love the people I teach. I love the energy of a good lesson. I love to bear testimony of what I believe.

But still there was another reason that I love to teach that I couldn't quite find the words for. Until yesterday. It is a quote by S. Michael Wilcox, an author an avid public speaker. I realized when I read this that yes, I love to teach for others, but my love of teaching comes from the fact that when I teach, that is how I am filled. 

He said:

Sometimes I start a class or talk feeling my souls 
is as empty as a dry lake bed 
and I have nothing to offer, 

But when I rise and begin to speak, 
the water of truth seeps in and fill me, 

and I know that I know. I am strengthened by my own voice. 

 The memory of hearing the water flowing into me stays and sustains me even in the driest periods.

It is when I teach the things that I have studied and prepared that God confirms to me they are true. My own doubts and fears tell me I have nothing to offer. But when I speak, He reminds me I am not offering myself, but Him. And that is what fills me. 

What fills you?

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