Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Collecting the Pieces

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities in my life. I begin to feel stretched, you know? Like I can't do all that I need to do the way I need to do it. Feelings of inadequacy and failure creep in.
Then I remind myself that it's not my life to begin with. It's God's. He's put these opportunities in front of me. He will guide me through them.
I've always known that, but sometimes I forget to rely on Him as much. I put pressure on myself to do my part and His.
Nights like this are a blessing, when I collect the pieces of myself and come back to Him and say, "Here am I. Lead me. Guide me. Walk beside me. Work with me and through me. Let's do this life thing together."
It takes the pressure off of having to be it all and do it all. That's not my job. He is All. I just have to be the best me--the me that listens and relies on Him everyday. And everything will be as it should.

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