Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Cool is Prayer?

Can I just tell you now much I love to pray.

"Send one up." That's how my father-in-law refers to saying a prayer.

Sometimes I think we think of prayer as words that are said, as though it is an activity that involves just yourself, or the people in the room.

But when we pray, it is much more than that.

When we pray, we truly do send up to heaven our desires, our gratitude and our love. The words we pray in our hearts, or from our mouths, don't just stop at the ceiling.  They reach through the ceiling, beyond the clouds, and reach the heart of God.

Think about that for a second.

At any time, at any moment in your life, you can speak to God.

And He will hear you.

It 's like having your own phone line to Him.

I love that! I love that the God who created this earth loves me so much that He has given me a way to speak directly to Him. AND, out of all the names He goes by, He wants me to call Him Father.

How cool is that?

And not only does He want to hear us, but He wants to talk back. He has things He wants us to know, direction He wants to give, peace He wants to offer, strength He wants to bestow, gifts He wants to give.

And is simply waiting for us to come to Him and ask.

Again- how cool is that?!

Throughout my life I've had many wonderful experiences with prayer, too many to share, and some too personal I couldn't share here. But, I want you to know that I know prayer is real. I knew He hears me, and cares about me. I know He speaks to me.

And it's the same for you, too.

How cool is that?

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