Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paperback or ebook? That is the question (and the shameless plug)

With the increasing popularity of the ebook, coupled with its convenience and explosion of self-pulished authors, this question seems to be on the minds of many a reader: "Paperback or ebook?

I was a slow convert to the ebook--but a convert I am.

My Kindle and Deseret Bookshelf  libraries are growing and I often read my glowing books when I should be sleeping.

I throw my mini iPad in my purse and I know I've got a gaggle of great books to read while I'm waiting for the bus to drop off my kids, or in a waiting room, while my daughter has her piano lesson, or when I am actively avoiding housework ( I find myself reading a lot more these days...)

Still, there is something about holding a book in my hand . . . the smell, the texture. The sound of the pages turning. I love it. But not as much as I love writing in them.

I am a highlighting, note taking fool. If something jumps out at me, I have this compulsion to underline it or color it in some form or fashion. It seems to sink the words deeper into my heart and into my mind.

It makes the words mine--even if they are mine.

When I received my first box of 'Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?' I snagged a copy for myself. Yes, I know, I wrote it. But, if I didn't love what is in the book, then why did I write in the first place?

So, I have my own copy that I read and, you guessed it, mark up. 

Though the words are mine, marking them feels like an 'Amen' of sorts.

But that's how it is with any book I read. I know it's a good book--even a fiction novel--if I've highlighted the nuggets of truth and wisdom, wit and wonder, that speak directly to me.

If your considering buying my ebook (shameless plug, but hey, it is my website) or have already downloaded your copy, I say WONDERFUL and THANK YOU! Stick me in your purse or read me instead of vacuuming. I'm a whole lot more fun!

But, I've just got to say, that there is something so . . . cool and connecting about a paper book that I hope you consider ordering  or picking up a copy for yourself today.

They aren't just my words, they are words I believe they are His, too.

So, pick it up. Mark it up. And make it yours.

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