Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thank you Utah--Especially Kenna

Well, my first media tour was amazing!
I didn't throw up in my publicists car, so I call it a win!

(Do I look famous? Not!) 

Among the highlights:

An interview with Chelsea on the the Park City TV Mountain Morning Show.

A guest appearance on KSL's "People of Faith" with the great Carole Makita.
(To be aired in February) 

A fun guest spot on KUTV2 News at Noon with Ron Bird.

A guest appearance on "The Good Word" Podcast
I forgot to get a pic here :(


I have to say that the highlight of my trip was meeting Kenna.

 I ran into Kenna when I stopped by one of the Deseret Book stores to sign their stock books. She'd been reading my book at home and had no idea I would be coming into the store. It was a chance meeting that inspired both of us!  

I watched as she worked magic behind the counter with swiftness and a smile--a smile and demeanor that even  tamed an upset customer. 

In between customers we were able to chat while I signed books. She inspired me with her story and her strength. It didn't take me long to know for sure that  Kenna was, and is, amazing.

But it was her humble confidence that struck me.

She epitomizes what 'Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?' is all about-- the beauty and joy that comes from the confidence in knowing who you are.

The confidence we gain as we see ourselves, our trials, our lives, and even each other through God's eyes, not only effects how we feel about ourselves, but it can have a direct impact on how others feel when they'er near us.

Her enthusiasm was contagious, and I found myself wanting to just hang out with her (which I did!) because just being near Kenna made me feel really, really good!

So, thank you Utah for a wonderful tour!

But especially, thank you Kenna, for being an amazing example of awesomeness and confidence! 

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