Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beauty is in the Eye...

What do you find beautiful? A Picasso painting? A perfectly grilled cheese sandwich? A magnificently written book? A piece by Mozart?

We are as different as our tastes, but we do share something in common: a desire to find things we feel are beautiful in our lives.

Why do you think that is?

My humble opinion is that it is because before we lived here, we lived somewhere where beauty beyond our comprehension existed. And now that we are here, we long for even a piece of that beauty again--in music, art, theater, nature, religion.

Our souls long for that which they knew, and what our minds can't remember.

So the next time you see something you feel is beautiful, don't only appreciate the beauty of what you are seeing, but appreciate the reason why you sought it in the first place.


  1. Reading my second Beauty post for the day, yet a totally different take. Very profound, and well put.

    - Claire @ Claire's Writing Log

  2. I think we just like the way we feel when we see something beautiful. It's visceral and fulfilling. But taste is so vastly different, there is no way to define that which is beautiful.