Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can't We Just be Friends?

Can't we just be friends?

The sentence seems benign when it's sitting there by itself.

But, what if it were said by an enemy who was calling a final truce?  It would be a great sentence!

On the other hand, what it was uttered by the person you had been in love with for years, and you finally found the courage to profess your love, and the put their hand on your should and said, "Can't we just be friends."


Um...not that it's happened to me before in high school (Kevin)...

The point is, sometimes we think that life is a certain way, that seems that seem one way can mean only one thing. The truth is that that is not true.  Life is multi-dimensional.  A trial can be looked at as a horrible punishment, or a blessed opportunity to grow. Unrequited love can be seen as a heart-breaking loss, or a mercy from God because you deserve better (yeah, Kevin.)

So the next time you see something that are you are sure means only one thing, take a moment, squint your eyes, and see if there might be another meaning hiding behind.

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