Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Father - My Favorite Name

Sometimes life can get pretty crazy, and I can feel a bit overwhelmed. It's those times that I pray to God. I was thinking about Him today and the many names for Him:


The Great Choreographer.

The Architect.

My Biggest Fan.


I call Him Lord because it is a sign of respect. He created all things. He is all-knowing, all-powerful. He deserves respect, and I freely give it to Him.

I call Him the Great Choreographer because He leads and guides those who will listen to Him (and many who don’t know they are listening to Him) through their various trials and situations, matching us up with partners and opportunities that only He could arrange. He knows what is best for us, and as much as we allow Him to, He works to make that happen.

I call Him the Great Architect because it was He who laid down the plans for the life that I live and love. He has a plan, not just for me, but for all of us—and He doesn't keep it from us. If we seek after His will and guidance, He will make His plan known to us. And, as we choose to build on His plans, we see that together we can create something beautiful.

I call Him my Biggest Fan because, well, that’s what He is. He wants me to succeed more than any other soul that has ever existed. He knows be better than anyone—better than I know myself, better than my husband knows me. He knows who I am, where I came from, and who I can become. And He roots for me. He cries for me. He cheers for me. He weeps at my pain, and finds joy in my successes. He has given all that He has, including His eldest son, so that I can have a chance to reach my greatest potential (something that I can’t even imagine!).

But, out of all the names that I have for God, the one that is closest to my heart is Father—because that is what He is. He is my Father in Heaven, and I am His daughter. That is the title that brings me the greatest joy. Of all the good and wonderful things He is, to know that there is a glimmer of that in me...well, that makes me feel good. Really good. My Father in Heaven sees something special in me, and since He cannot be wrong (He is God, you know) than it must be true. So I feel special.

As I sit here and ponder on this, my mind goes to my earthly father. Many of these same things apply to him as well. Though I don't call him Lord, he most certainly has my respect. He has helped plan and orchestrate my life. He has always been my biggest fan. And he loves me.

My dad has always had an amazing way of seeing something special in me, too. He sees things that I don't see in myself yet. And when I have doubts, I only have to ask him what he thinks, and they are calmed. His love for me and faith in me is staggering. And empowering. And I love him so in return.

I know not everyone has an earthly father like mine, but here's the beautiful thing: EVERY ONE of us has a Father in Heaven who is our biggest fan, who works for us, is patient with us, hope for us and misses us. He loves us.

He loves you.

He is your Lord, your Choreographer, your Architect, your Biggest Fan. . . and He is your Father.

And He is real.

Perhaps the greatest miracle of all of this is that God, with all of His power and titles, is only a prayer away.

When we struggle with seeing the good in us, the purpose in our trials, the meaning in life, all we have to do is ask Him what He thinks, and our doubts and fears will be calmed. His love and faith in us is staggering.

And empowering.

Sometimes when the boulders and dust of life settle around me, I have to bring myself back to this simple truth: My Father in Heaven loves me, and I love Him.

And every thing is in its proper place again.

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