Thursday, March 7, 2013

Originally posted on on 3.7.13

Thought I'd share a great article I found called 'How to Get Started Writing: Hamster Wheels and Hurdles.'

It's a great read for aspiring and published authors alike.

My favorite quote from the article is: Have you wondered, frustrated, how to get started writing? The solution can be as simple as a little trajectory.

For me, the impetus was an experience I had in 2006. I shared it with my husband and he said, "You should write about that." He was actually the first one to tell me what a blog was (something he was regretted many times since, lol.)

I started a blog, and my love for writing grew. My trajectory was set!

The more I wrote, the more I realized I have always been a writer.  As I went through my boxes of old things there were stories and poems, letters and talks that I had written over the years. I've filled more than a half a dozen journals since I was thirteen (some of which have been edited with my trusty Sharpee!)

I love writing. Always have.

But, it's that jump from a love of writing, to a hobby, to something more that is frightening. That was where I needed the push. Luckily for me I have an enormously supportive husband who has pushed me the entire way.

According to this article, I am deeply entrenched in phase one. I am hoping for phase two.

Are you a writer? Do you love it? Are you pursuing it? What''s your trajectory?

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