Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ah, the joy of innocence!  When we were children every day was filled adventure and fun. We spent careless afternoons playing in the mud and grass, or inside with blocks and toys. We enjoyed our food without guilt, and we didn't care if we were fat or skinny. We just loved our little lives.

Then we grew up. The bills came. The pressure came. The responsibilities came. And the wonder of life seemed not so wonderful at times.

Oscar Wilde once said, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

Here is the question, then: What is the difference between living and existing?

Some would say it's fun, others a career. But, I think it's Purpose.

When we have a purpose, we have a reason for what we do. We have a goal. We have a desired outcome, a drive behind our actions.

When we have a purpose, we understand that there is some other reason--external and internal--for our existence.

There is a reason we are who we are, why we are here. And that purpose defines what we do and how we see ourselves.

It brings richness and color to our world, perspective in our pain, and a deeper joy in our live.

So, what is our purpose?

There is a great purpose that applies to everyone who has ever lived, now lives, and ever will live: To become like Jesus Christ--to mold our character, through faith and obedience, and to experience joy.

But, what your purpose?

I don't know. But God does. Ask Him. I bet he'd tell you. You'd be surprised at the depth and breadth His purpose for you will add to your life.

As much as I love the word Purpose, I love it even more when coupled with two other words, live and on, to create this phrase:

Live on purpose (500x468)

That means to live deliberately. Don't just exist. Live. Take each step for a reason--each breath for a purpose. Dedicate each day to Him. Find a lesson in your struggles, beauty in the clouds, hope in the face of a child, joy in service, and marvel at the wonder you are.

Live on purpose. Do something good. Make something worthwhile. Be better than you were yesterday. Act, don't be acted upon.

Live on purpose. Don't waste your time. Refuse to be a slave to addiction or grudges. Stop being a prisoner of insecurity and doubt.

You have a purpose. So, live on purpose.

And love your life.


  1. Such a post for me.

    ACT, not be acted upon.

    Working on it.


  2. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge list, I wish you luck, will certainly visit you during the challenge.
    I am one of Arlee Bird;s Ambassadors.

  3. happy to see ur Blog..Good Wishes...GOD<3U